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and they can say that the president of the united states and united states of america has stood on the right side of history. >> brian: with the arab spripping nothing positive. >> steve: i was amazed romney didn't bring up the muslim brotherhood ledd to extremist back in power. >> but the women's vote in the debate. one of the big things romney accomplished talking about how he is peace love not support war and he didn't think we needed to go to war in iran or send froopps in syria and all of that stuff was to debunk the idea the idea that he is a warmongered. women were worried he was a bush 43 shoot fromm the hip and he over that. the main thing that happened last night was not foreign policy. romney won the economic debate . obama's view on the economy is ridiculouss and doesn't defend his record well i think it will continue. rumny's momentum to the nomination. i think it will be unslackened and accelerate and more confident than ever we will have rum rhumb will have a land slide. 48 percent in the popular and 300 to 350 in the electoral vote. >> brian: out on a limb. >> i live on the l
an observer but an active participant . making foreign policy work for the united states. >> steve: you will see the next debate on foreign policy. since the debate debacle for the president they blamed everybody. blaming mitt romney for being a liar . blamed jimm lehrer and even the guy who prepared the president. john kerry. he wants to be secretary of state and so he didn't get in the president's face. there is an item apparently the obama staff knew 10 minutes before it was all over on wednesday night that it was a debacle and convened a conference call and decided to go after romney and hit on big bird and all new ads to have a come back. >> gretchen: apparently the adpeople stayed up all might to have an adto go right away. when president obama was in hollywood . he changed his stump speech. the role of foreign policy is at the end of the speech and he put it toward the front. that is in preparation for what we are going to hear a lot more about on october 16th when the two men face off again. >> trying to get in front of the speech from mitt romney today. >> steve: the president
, the president of the united states asked mayor bloomburg, i would like to take a look at all of the damage and mayor bloomburg had a press conference and said we are flattered by the fact that the president of the united states would like to come and visit us, but not right now and we are really busy and the first responders need to pay to exeem put things back in order. it would be great if the president goes to new jersey and the president will tour the devastation with the chief executive new jersey chris christy. >> gretchen: when the president comes the city is shut down . the city can't have security detail and anything like that at all. but he will go to new jersey which is your home eric. >> i am trying to figure out why. i get it he wants to see the damage. please come can go and sign the check to help fema to sign over the money . chris christie was on saying that we have gotten acess to the funs we are going to need. i am not sure what touring the sight. >> steve: it is smart politics for the president. there is chris christie helping the people on the jersey shore. it is essent
for the state department. it turns out that woman was invited by the united states and hosted by the state department and that visit was publicized on the internet it is no secret who she was. >> steve: apartnerly the romney side is ready for the president to say he killed bin laden. it is clearer that the administration really dropped the ball on a number of issues. gretchen: apparently the biggest one the drone . half way in the attack. the drone from the united states was sitting above and able to see in real time. the state department seemed to know moment by moment exactly what was happening. if that was going on, why was not more sent in. to save the four americans. >> brian: the state department admitted in a hearing they were able to view it in real time. cia, former cia commander and guest on our show. they stood and watch our people died. should someone be there to cramble forces there from italy. why was that not made and why would it take you two weeks to understand. if video ask track it in real time and get eyewitnesses on the hand. >> steve: we were warned by the ambassador
we mourn for more americans who represent the best of united states. >> best assessment we have today, in fact this was not a preplanned and premeditated attack. >> what we have seen over the last week and half. >> what we have seen in the past. there is an offensive video or cartoon directed in the prophet mohammed and this is obviously something that is used as an excuse by some to carry out inexcusable violent acts directed at westerners and americans. >> there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents and no video to justify an attack on the embassy. >> no doubt the kind of weapons that were use ongoing assault that it was not just a mob action. >> gretchen: all of those days later still did not call it a day of terror. romney folks will be camping out making sure they perfect his performance for next monday night on how to handle the entire libya situation. i agree with you. that was a lay up with that question. even though it was a 48 hour old question. it was a lay up what bret o'donald will tell us. is that a cand date on a debate stage should never ask a question. it
of the united states say i killed bin laden and now al-qaida is on the run. he dropped al-qaida is on the run from his stump. >> they are not on the run and never have been on the run. they are here in the united states as they are in the world. they are doing recognizance mission and operatives are here. the vigilance of american people and work of our intelligence agencies foiled every attempt. >> brian: do you believe that anybody out to buy a thousand pounds of anything conceived to be a bomb is a red flag anyway much. >> remember what this guy said. he didn't want to hurt just a few people. he wanted a catastrophic event. >> he wanted to kill the president and realized that was too hard. >> he wanted to kill americans and bring down the economy. thank god for the f.b.i.. >> steve: thank you for your service. thank you. >> gretchen: disturbing new details about the terrorist attack in benghazi, lib yampt the state department hired a maul british -- small british company, it was based on expediency. since no one knew how long the mission would be in benghazi . so the guards patrolled with
was fantastic. and the president of the united states who had a busy day fund raise being on the daily show stepped up to the mike and spoke five minutes. here is the mon tage. >> this is the third time that governor romney and i are met recently. some of you had noticed. i had a lot more energy in the second debate. i came rested after the nice long nap i had in the first debate. this is my last political campaign and i am trying to drink it all in. unfortunately mayor bloomburg only allows me 16 ounces. earlier today i went shopping in stores in midon town. i understand governor romney went shopping for stores in midtown. i went to school in new york and had a wonderful experience here. used to love walking through central park and love to go to old yankee stadium, the house that ruth build although he really did not build that, i hope everyone is aware of that. and finally, i are done thinking and i have decided that for our final debate i will go back to the strategy i used to prepare for the first debate. i am just kidding. i am trying to make axelrod sweat a bit. >> brian: they are bo
was attacked in various venues and it will be interesting to see if the president of the united states calls her, way to go for standing up for what you move. >> brian: it would be a great move. >> steve: it would be a classy move. >> gretchen: danin on hannity. an africa-american conservative woman, she said the real war on women is against the conservative africa-american women. a dying woman put through the ringer by the tsa trying to take the last trip of her life. >> brian: can you say john f. kennedy. dick morris is here with the facts. ♪ ♪ hooked on a feeling. ♪ i am high on believing. ♪ that you are in love with me. and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> gretchen: we are watching the race flip upside down with new polls show mitt romney pulling ahead. here is a look at the pough research poll. the president's lead has vanished. the president's lead is erased with women voters that he is now tide with mitt romney. here to explainn what is happening. dick morris, f
coast of the united states. the storm proved deadly in the caribbean. 21 people have been killed. tropical storm warning in affect for parts of florida and the northeast. people are preparing for sandy to combine with a snow storm to become a franken storm . they have been tracking it and gives a look at what we can expect. >> gretchen: you know your evacuation routes? gretchen, come on. >> i will add that to the list of things to do. >> i am being serious. this is very much like irene a couple of years ago but worse than that . we'll be dealing with a hybrid storm and super storm that emerges with a cold tront and hurricane inside of a nor'easter. if that sounds scary, you need to be prepared for the storm. it could be potentially devastating. millions of people will be affected by still a hurricane. we will see tropical storm force win and rain all across the coast of florida and extending 300 miles from the storm.this storm will get bigger. it hugs the coast over the weekend and tuesday, dc, philly and new york. you could see a storm packing winds of 60 or 80 miles per hour fo
or break moment in deciding who will be the next president of the united states. what all voters should watch tonight in the big debate. >> steve: all about the domestic stuff . and the bomb shell video of barack obama like you never heard before. inflammatory to say the least. mr. kilmeade, this the new gitmo. >> brian: causing a lot of controversy this morning. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: live from studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan. it is "fox and friends" . look who is in today. >> we are a lot like paul lend. >> steve: we have better lighting. >> brian: yes. >> let mow know. >> brian: one thing about the center square you couldn't get the overhead. martha, usually we have a date around 11:20. >> yes, i am stalking you. >> brian: on the radio. >> follow you everywhere. >> brian: gretchen is off and martha is in and it is debate day. >> steve: it is the rumble in the rockies, martha. >> yes, it is a practice run. president obama and mitt romney, all part of the preparations for the first debate . in a few hours it will be the real
. the debate just ended. the president of the united states said at the last debate he had with mitt romney he was too polite. joe biden last night didn't have that problem. he was trying to stop the erosion. and many independents were heading over to the republican side . joe biden was joe biden in so many ways. his demeanor was extraordinary. >> gretchen: i thought it was totally overthe top disrespectful. just speaking as a woman and i want to know the difference in the gender opinion. was this more offensive to women, men or either? maybe women have felt this more often. i could not believe how disrespectful he was and being from the midwest as paul ryan is as well there is such a thing as midwestern politeness and you go in front of me. that's what paul ryan was doing. should he had also been more aggressive or did he do the right thing in sitting back. >> brian: if people wanted strength on the democrat side they got it and conversant on every topic. but it was interesting on foreign policy. i think he showed experience. he's 69 and paul ryan is 42 years old and domestic issues. joe bide
. >> steve: you know what is interesting dianna, we heard the president of the united states actually explaining what happened. he's been on the view or david letterman and in a setting where he's not challenged to get to the crux of what happened. because at the point of where everybody was repeating it was just a video, the intelligence community knew it was not a video. there was no demonstration before the murder of our four guys. >> the whole thing is heart breaking and really reminds me of the soviet prava who used to print the communist agend a. >> steve: i know you and your husband were trying to bring down soviet espionage. the relations with the u.s. and russia. >> steve: it is president putin again. >> steve: that's right. >> we should be embracing of all we can and very careful not to be naive. soviet strategy has not changed since 1991 when the structure of the ussr has changed. the goals are still out there. >> steve: the reason ed president medeves. the president didn't know the mike was open and after the election coming up in a couple of weeks, mr. obama will be able
. if mitt romney is elected president of the united states. would things pick up? >> if he repeals obama care as he said he will . and new rules in legislation, yes, that will change the small nature of business. and a real tax cut to put a shot in the arm to small enterprizes. and cash to liberate for the use of the private sector and should get things turned around. these are personal opinions. >> steve: he seems to what he's talking that's why so many people watch him on fox business net work. >> eric: a crazed fan taking a bite out of danny. >> steve: some say the debate will be er. washington insider. coming up with the scoup, next. ♪ ♪ two people are dead. motorcycle club getting ready for a charity ride when several armed men showed up and started shooting. cops said they had a argument in the parking lot. an attack on adonai. he said a fan within to kiss him and bit his face instead . he is not pressing charges, but he said she might have been on the drug bath salts. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: crazy . mitt romney and president obama two days away from facing off. what
warning the united states you are within range of our missiles this in response of a deal south korea made with washington. they tripled the range of missiles in case of an attack from the north. two year old case of the murdered american jet skier. this man was arrested. they believe he was responsible for the death of david hartley. he was killed on lake falcon lake. it raises more questions now about his death. >> i don't believe he pulled the trigger. he either said yes go ahead or he had something to do with the guys behind it. >> gretchen: it is believed that escobito killed 50 people with his hand and ordered hundreds more. the deadly menigitus outbreak could affect more people. so far 8 people have diet. experts say there is no way to know how many people will get sick. the massachusetts pharmacy that made the shots that are used to treat back pain recalled all of their products. police in philadelphia looking at this video of a deadly brawl between two wedding parties. three people have been arrest after reviewing the video, there may be more. the fight broke out in the sheretan h
for an hour . you can hear the -- apparently the president of the united states talked to the editor and publisher for 30 minutes and begged for the endorsement and the white house wanted the interview off the record. >> gretchen: unless you say this is off of the record. >> steve: they did going in? >> gretchen: has that happened for editorial boards when they are trying to make a decision and they sit down and make the endorsement? is that common. >> steve: it is not smart. >> gretchen: is interesting to find out if that is common place. it is if you are running to the president you would want your remarks out. >> brian: they will announce the interview . the rnc said president obama is telling iowans if they want to hear from them they have to hope for a rerun of the view. >> steve: he will be going on the jay leno show tonight and mtv friday. let's see how hard those questions are. >> gretchen: they wanted her bike. police say two teenage brothers murdered a 12 year old girl. 1,000 people packed the church to remember autumn pasqualle. cops say a 15 and 17 year old lured her to t
the terror group and whether the united states should launch strikes there. the group is dangerous since getting crote of large areas in somalia. the sessions began before the u.s. consulate atact in benghazi that left four americans amtrak collides with a tractor trailer . the train with 169 people on board was heading from oakland to bakersville, california when the truck blew through the passing again. passengers tossed around like rag dolls. >> it was ripped out and fell on top of him. i had to lift up the seat and i found him in his car seat. >> smoke. it was just, the train came apart. >> gretchen: train service suspended in the area. we are one day from the presidential debate. mitt romney in denver. it will make the way for the future of the counsel rye. >> these debates are an opportunity for each much us to describe the path way forward for americans. >> i am concerned about having a serious discussion about what to do to keep it growing. >> gretchen: the high-stakes debate on domestic policy kicks off 9:00 p.m. >> steve: the president is holed up with john kerry. he said debat
to be the president of the united states. >> gretchen: thank you very much. >> brian: at least you are bill clinton and he gets big crowds. it is delegate campaigning. >> steve: because the eyes of the nation are on the eye the storm. >> gretchen: eyes are on how the candidates handle it. the president in the libya situation he went to campaign and got blow back for that. ship with 17 people on board in distress as hurricane sandy moves up the east coast. hmy near hatters it is taking on water. the coast guard said it is monitoring thuation. hurricane sandy silencing the opening bell. it is the first weather related closure in twen years and hear that the markets may be closed tomorrow. big apple bracing for the big hurricane. statu of liberty reopened to the public. but super storm sandy shutting it down. stairs were replace exclude there is wheelchairac sess to the day. it is her 126th birthday. >> standing strong and reminding us that we as a nation of immigrants are strong and millions of people who pass by the statu on the way to the better world strengthened us in a pursuit of the a more perf
. >> it is the president and vice-president of the united states and secretary of state and then in this case ambassador to the un it is five weeks after the loss of our ambassador. we have hundreds of consulate and embassy and thousands of people serving over seas and not a lot of confidence in them having their act together. what happened that night and what was the response. there is a lot of questions there. >> gretchen: secretary of state described it as the fog of war. great to see you in person. >> thank you. >> gretchen: put this in the idiot's guide for tourist. don't stick your head out of the a train. and the president spent 60 billion to fight global warming. he didn't get the memo it ended 16 years ago. swart varney with stunning research, coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] extreme environments can cause a spontaneous change in dna, resulting in unexpected power and agility. introducing the all-new, all-powerful gator rsx 850i. sixty-two horsepower, a fully independent multilink suspension and a top speed of 53 miles per hour. it's a whole new species of gator. see just how much the gato
presidential and looked like he had better answers than the president of the united states. >> gretchen: and so the group of voters you are tryying to get at this point, middle class americans. that was the thesis. uncommitted voters, 500 voters polled directly before and after the debate, who did they go for. five hundred went for mitt romney. >> brian: when van jones said romney won you had a good night if you are rom romm. this sound bite is the strongest. we heard big oil accident tax breaks and busting the economy. not only did mitt romney attack this and address this, he grouped in and compared those alleged tax breaks with green energy investments with our money, listen. >> don't forget. you put 90 billion dollars worth of breaks in solar and wind to solyndra, and fis car and tesla and i friend of mine said you don't just pick winners and losers, you pick the losers, this is not the kind of policy to get america energy sescure. second topic you said you get a deduction for taking a plant over sea. i have been in business 25 years and i have no idea what you are talking about. maybe i nee
this -- >> the prosecute interview, that was the greatest line ever. >> steve: the president of the united states a couple nights ago had an awful -- >> you don't want to make a duck sound? >> steve: he had an awful debate. now what they're doing, the democrats, they've decided we've got a new strategy. rather than painting mitt romney as an extremist, we're going to call him a liar. here is the head of the dnc communications department. listen. >> there has been plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. i mean, testifies talking -- if he was speaking last night, he was lying. look, mitt romney had a good night. but, you know, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. >> steve: so that's the best they can do? >> it's not very good. you know, when he came out, when the president came out and he came out with that classic strut that he uses sometimes and my wife busted. she said, i don't like when you do it and i don't like when he does it. that kind of dashing walk. >> brian: why? >> because it's like i'm macho and i'm posturing, absolutely fake. i thought the t
it is it a cover up there is stone wall asking that is unfortunate for the president of the united states, because the big lie was that al-qaida was dead. it is not dead. we have a dead people in libya to prove it. >> gretchen: joe biden was asked that question of the debate. he said we didn't have any information and they needed more security in libya and that was the word that was parched over the last few days and the reason they came back on the sunday shows to defend that word. if the president and vice-president didn't know who did? is it the state department or did the administration actually know something. that is muddying up the waters and they are saying that romney who exploited libya for political gain mr. #2: and continue on. senator depraham said what you said, steve, they are trying to say the narrative that al-qaida is dismantled and now have to admit the embassy was hit. within 24 hours he heard from the cia that they knew it was a terrorist attack. he was on the armed services committee. you have a hard time marginalizing this as politics 101. >> steve: republicans are saying th
the president of the united states didn't want the interview released. here is a part of the tran script when he talked about the economy and whether or not it was a mistake to try to get health care passed before jobs back in america. asked if he regretted that. mitch mcconthereto nell hadap iron clad filibuster. this seems so odd to me. when you are an editorial board and you are talking about candidates and then make an endorsement. you would have the same protocol saying we are doing the on the record brews and post them on the website and then make our endorsement later. give one candidate an opportunity to speak on the record and then off of the record. it didn't smell right to me. there was a reason why he didn't want it out. >> brian: he went on to say. unless the president shows he will give and work with us, our commitment to make sure he is a one-term president. bob woodword. des moines will probably endorse president obama. >> steve: we know who the new york post endorses today, mitt romney. if the administration knew about the attacks in libya. there was a predator drone. and one fo
and three navy seals with him died. it is equally horrible that the president of the united states will not let us know what happened because it is it on the eve of a presidential election which he will probably lose anyway. >> brian: judge napolitano, we'll talk about this again tomorrow. on the run down in the second hour. massive fire in breezy point, queens x. water rushing in the battery tunnel. we are every angle covered at the top of the hour and beyond. e to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> gretchen: obviously we have extreme weather to tell you about. unfortunately these two words are at the top, death and destruction. this morning in the wake of hurricane sandy, storm leaving 16 people dead, entire towns under water, buildings on fire and millions in the dark. >> brian: we have every angle of the story covered. fox news meteorologist maria molina is up again live in the extreme weather
in halting development of highways to the suburbs. you wouldn't think the president of the united states would actually be talking about anything like that, right? well, he did actually mention it back in07ride? sthi >>nedon federal public transportation dollars flowing to the highest need communities. we don't need to build more highways out in the suburbs if we have people in the cities right now who want to work but have no way to get to those bs! >>vewe d't nd to bu sus.waut haats in a? >> absolutely. president obama has a program called the sustainable communities initiative. nobody pays any attention to this program. it's got a name that sounds like noashianinne what stainnual in 2013, they're going to issue their report. they're going to go to the state legislature and at that point, president obama will be able to condition federal money on ohio knuckling under to this plan and ag intd,eal tput in pcehat sehack omevmeutn the suburbs, and barak obama has been lobbying local ohio politicians to push this regional agenda through. he's been working from the white house with some of t
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)